Welcome! LifeWeb is an Identification Key System that can be used for various topics. Currently there are keys to some trees found in Switzerland and to cloud genera. They help you finding the name of a tree (or cloud, or anything else) quickly even if you don’t know it.

The long-term goal is to move everything to so everybody, including you, can access and modify data and create keys to new topics.

NEW—The identification key. By default for trees, clouds can be chosen in the setttings as well.

JavaScript based, platform independant.
Runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows. And on your phone and your tablet, too. Actually, everywhere where you can get an up-to-date browser.

Currently, data is in German since it is “only” a proof of concept. The Wikibase back-end supports translations already today. The editor available below uses a simple MySQL back-end. Feel free to modify and test stuff. Note that the changes are not persistent and will be overwritten every now and then.

Simplified identification key for clouds.

This key uses the same system, even the same database as the tree key. Just a bit different CSS and JavaScript code.
The editor behind the keys.
JavaScript and PHP based. Supports MediaWiki + Wikibase as back-end too.
Warning: Changes are not persistent, the database is overwritten every now and then! But feel free to play around a bit.


LifeWeb is my Master Thesis which I’m writing at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. My name is Simon A. Eugster, aka. Granjow. I’m the author of slowmoVideo and have contributed to Kdenlive and other projects.

Nostalgic debug/development version of the identification key.